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Global Energy Consulting

Global Energy offers a full range of energy-industry consulting services. We help our clients achieve their energy goals through the development of a comprehensive energy strategy. That strategy is created from a deep understanding of the energy markets, a thorough review of the client's energy data, and a clear picture of the client’s energy goals.  

Global Energy can help power the future of your business by creating energy strategies that are poised for long term success.

Customized Energy Strategy - Planning to Execution

  • The energy sector changes rapidly, and every strategy that Global Energy develops is adaptive and ready to respond. Because there is no “one size fits all” solution for energy, we create plans that are uniquely tailored to each client’s needs. Whether we are working with a large multi-unit portfolio, a private manufacturer, or a large franchise group, we have the expertise to provide achievable results.

    After embedding with the client and fully understanding their energy profile, Global Energy creates an executable energy strategy with realistic milestones. Global Energy works to execute that strategy and support a client’s operation across several departments with an interest in the energy spend - leadership, finance, real estate assets, facility level operations, and legal.

Energy Contracting, Supplier/Utility Relations - RFP to Service Flow 

  • From spearheading a new RFP process, to energy contracting guidance, Global Energy manages all aspects of the retail process. Equally, expert oversight  & management is given to utility level organization.

    Energy goals are reached by connecting all the moving pieces and sharing common objectives. Global Energy’s market expertise blended with a client’s energy data and a strong energy strategy create a powerful base for energy success. When all departments under a common umbrella are heading in the same direction with regard to an energy strategy, reaching success becomes a reality.