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Control & Reduce

Control Energy Costs and Lower Market Risks

Global Energy offers expert market guidance with best-in-class custom pricing and reverse-auction technology for procurement of electricity and natural gas supply.

Smart Business. Real Choices. Global Energy Powers Both.

Global Energy has deep market expertise in power and natural gas commodities. Using that expertise, Global Energy employs reverse auction technology to create a transparent, side-by-side rate comparison of supply offers for our clients. 

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Control & Reduce BG

How does it work?

After reviewing the client energy profile, Global Energy evaluates and structures the energy for procurement. A transparent pricing event generates multiple energy supply rates from a large array of supply providers. Global Energy offers guidance and management over the entire process – from initial decision making to multi-year oversight of a custom energy strategy.

Competitively purchasing the energy supply essential to business operations could save thousands from your operating costs annually. Even if your business already has a competitive supply contract, Global Energy will show forward pricing, allowing decision makers to take advantage of optimal market conditions before the end of their current term.

With custom pricing and reverse-auction technologies, Global Energy has the ability to find the best rate, term and fit for our business customers.

Why Choice?

It's a simple law of economics. When companies compete for your business, you win. That's why in many markets around the country, governments have deregulated energy utilities so that different companies can compete for electric and gas customers' business. Competition drives prices down. And customers pay less.

If you live in a deregulated market, you have the power to choose the company that supplies energy to your business. By the time you flip a switch or press a button to enjoy the benefits of convenient, reliable energy, several different entities have worked together to bring this energy to your business — all still managed and delivered by your local utility.

See how our reverse auction will save your company energy costs