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About Global Energy

Industries We Serve

Global Energy understands the complex energy needs of our customers from large to small and has solutions for all industries and sectors. 

With deep energy market understanding, an Illinois-centric focus and over a decade of serving some of the most recognizable businesses in the area — Global offers unique expertise in serving single and multi-unit customers particularly in manufacturing & industrial verticals, franchise groups and large non-profit organizations.

Global Energy is most proud of its service to some of the largest non-profit organizations in Illinois for the past decade. With energy consumption totaling up to 20% of operational costs monthly, saving real money and stabilizing budgets for these groups is crucial. 

The ‘Global Supports’ donation program is offered to these groups as an additional tool to consider alongside other giving programs. Used in conjunction with the non-profit’s community supporters, turning lights on for a favorite cause is a win-win!

Meet Global Energy

Formed in 2007 by husband and wife team Tiffany and James Bland, Global Energy was among the first brokerages to receive state licensing from the Illinois Commerce Commission in the industry. Based in Chicago, Illinois – Global Energy has served commercial customers across the energy deregulated US states, with focus and unique expertise in the Illinois marketplace. 

Global is built on a strong and established foundation, working for 15 years as a family run, women-owned enterprise. The retention of clients past the ten-year mark is testament to the highest quality customer service and personal attention given to every business by Global Energy.

15 years